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Dongjiang Mould found opportunities from the growth of the auto industry, but also worried about Sino-US trade wars

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The mold industry Internet era has arrived
TK Group (Holdings) Ltd., a Chinese moldmaker, is highly focused on the North American market, not only discovering opportunities for new business, but also the enormous challenges posed by the threat of trade war between China and the United States.
These opportunities include the growing demand for molds in the North American automotive industry and the promotion of new investments in mold testing and technology upgrades in China's Shenzhen manufacturing industrial park.
Joerg Wehling, general manager of Dongjiang Group's precision mold manufacturing, said: "We need to invest the conditions in Europe and America in Shenzhen."
However, the black cloud is simultaneously pressing, and the potential 25% US tariff threatens China's injection molds.
These have prompted the company to work with US customers to explore strategies to deal with potential trade wars.